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Bar review Stool Pigeons

Stool Pigeons Coop & Grill is great place to check out for next seasons game night with your friends. It’s atmosphere lies somewhere between BW3’s and Bailey’s. Despite the fact the location is still outfitted a few old style large projection screen, do not worry, they also has a good number of new model LCD televisions at the Bar (similar to the hodgepodge of TV equipment you find at most BW3’s across the city.)  One high point is, the fact that no matter where you might be sitting, you will be within clear view of the action since they supply more than enough television screens and have excellent seating layout, with a nice patio setup and speakers outside.

I would also suggest checking the place out in the off-season, especially if you are looking for a place that is not too crowded on most weeknights. My partner in crime and I made our last two visits after 10 pm during the week and on both occasions were among two dozen or so patrons. The place does seem to be struggling, like most in the city, because their customer base has been forced to tighten their belts and avoid extra spending. The recession coupled with mass migration of university students vacating the city for the summer has drastically impacted Richmond’s night life negatively and Stool Pigeons’ staff are feeling the hurt. If they can hold out a few more months, I am sure that the business will pick back up in the fall. If you are lucky and your pocket and purses still have life, venture through the empty streets and you will find neon open signs and underworked wait staff waiting to serve you. {Update: Stool Pigeons’ enforces an 18% gratuity on the all check. Although the tip adjustment is new this summer, do not let to turn you away. When you do the math, you will find it only a $3.60 tip added to every $20 check.}

Treat yourself and your partner to an impromptu date night, Stool Pigeons’ dress code is slack, so you will not need to don your premier summer attire for your visit, {Update: rumor has it that  Stool Pigeons’ will begin enforcing a more rigid dress code, in the near future.} The two of you can get closer since you will not need to yell at one another because of a massive bar crowd. Spending a few hours in a quiet corner of a bar or restaurant will allow you and your partner to rekindle feelings, recharge your mid week battery and take time to unwind  and catch up with one another.

Past Visits:

We have visited Stool Pigeons at least ten times over the past year, normally on Monday nights.  Our collection of friends range in ages from 21-30 years of age, including members of both corporate and service industry, national and international, as well as single and married couples, all intermingling successfully with the other patrons. Stool Pigeons’ customer base is very eclectic and seems to get along well. The only time we have seen uniformed police on site have been when they are getting something to eat. Our hard working men in uniform seem to be regulars at this night spot..

Our friends can be seen in house catching football games in the fall and soccer matches in the spring (which the manger always turns on the Television closest to us upon our arrival without us ever having to request them to.) Stool Pigeons has several pool tables (which are available by the hour, so save your quarters) foosball table, dartboards (ask your server and they will retrieve them from bar) as well as classic electronic bar games like “Big Buck Hunter Pro” and Megatouch (you will find both “GQ” and “Jen” on the score boards.)

To date we have never received bad service from the more seasoned wait staff. It only took two or three visits, before our rowdy, multilingual group were considered regulars. Our waitress K. has always been engaging with my better half, the two swapping stories of weekend escapades regularly. As a lead waitress K. is always friendly and smiling, she never too busy to sit down and chat with our group, and is always willing to ring in our round of drinks even when we are not in her section.  As far as food and drink are concerned, Stool Pigeons’ prices are within reason, although most of the food specials occur during happy hour. For late night drinkers like us, we enjoy their soft salted pretzels, tater tots, nachos and sliders, which compliment the “All Day” reduced draft beer price on Mondays. They also have an extensive drink mixture list will all of your old favorites. Be prepared to pay for the parking, it is the Bottom, you will find a $4 honor box parking adjacent to the building.


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